Brokenness: A Missing Key (CD)

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Why are all our Christian efforts not producing the kind of results we see in the Bible? Could it be that there is a missing link which has been lost over time?In this powerful two part message Rev. Kola Ewuosho brings some insights on the subject of brokenness, a quality that many Christians seem to lack today.What is brokenness? The knowledge of how a horse is broken is a good place to start. A wild horse is no good for winning races. It has the strength, but not the discipline; the potential, but not the skill to win. Many Christians are much the same, wild and rebellious; unusable by God or man.How do you respond when rebuked, corrected and chastened?These message will help you to recognise the process that God is trying to take you through so that you can respond correctly and become the yeilded vessel that He can use.

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