Experiencing the Fullness of God's Power (CD)

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There’s a price to pay and a position to take for the privileges to be enjoyed. What is the price to pay? Knowledge of who Christ is and His purposes for coming... knowledge of who we have become because of His coming and our believing in Him... of how the kingdom of God operates, and how we can function in His kingdom. Romans 14:17-18. The position is to enter into our rest in Him...we are told to labour to enter into our rest in Him. He that has entered has ceased from his own labour. Hebrews 4:9-12. Knowledge brings about responsibility then yielding to the Holy Spirit helps us stay in obedience so that there will be no hindrance to the flow of the power of God.  Spiritual knowledge has two sides to it. One is the knowledge acquired through study, the other is revealed knowledge where God’s reality is made real inside you. The Holy Spirit has a major role to play in the release of God’s power so our obedience and yielding to Him positions us to be channels through which the power flows. Knowledge affects our faith, what we believe and how we believe. It puts us in a position of responsibility to act on the knowledge we have. Be blessed by this powerful message!

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