How to be on fire for God (CD Series)

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If you are not hot for God, Jesus says that He will spue you out of His mouth! Lukewarm Christianity is not good enough. Lukewarm Christianity will not produce results.What does it mean to be on fire for God? How can you tell if you are on fire for God?Perhaps you were once on fire for God but have noticed that your fire has gone out. We must learn, not only how to be on fire for God, but how to stay on fire for God! In this powerful two part series you will also learn about the things that can kill your fire for God; hypocracy, the deceitfulness of riches, distractions, worldliness, prayerlessness, lack of meditation in the word, and more.. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW, SATAN CAN USE AGAINST YOU!This series contains two parts; 'How to be on fire for God' and 'How to stay on fire for God.'

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