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Wise Men's Conference (CD Pack)

Picture of Wise Men's Conference (CD Pack)
Can we fully obey Christ's command to go into the world? Our world is our own place of work -our Marketplace.

£12.00 (GBP)

Your Authority In Christ (Pt 1-3) MP3

Picture of Your Authority In Christ (Pt 1-3) MP3
One of the main reasons we live defeated lives is because we don't understand the authority that we have already been given in Christ.

£6.00 (GBP)

Your Destiny Beckons... (CD)

Picture of Your Destiny Beckons... (CD)
Yes, there are things you can accomplish by shear human strength but on the long run, if the spiritual dimension is not attended to, the very accomplishment can become an avenue for other areas of your life to become worse than they should have been.

£5.00 (GBP)

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